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Russia considers to launch its own oil-backed cryptocurrency and adopt a legislative act on digital coins. How will this benefit Russia and OPEC?
Qatar Announces Withdrawal from OPEC
Qatar Announces Withdrawal from OPEC
Dec 03, 2018
Maya Mandzikasvili
From January 1, 2019, Qatar will withdraw from the OPEC. This decision was announced on Monday by the new Minister of Energy of the country, Saad Al-Kaabi.
Petro to Enter OPEC as Unit of Oil
Petro to Enter OPEC as Unit of Oil
Nov 13, 2018
Redwan Eid
Venezuelan Oil-backed Cryptocurrency Petro ICO is about to take place in March. It appears that investors from Brazil are ready to invest $300 million in Venezuela, starting with a $100 million inversion investment.
The prices of the West Texas Intermediate are dropping further south, trading at fresh 4-day lows. What factors drove oil prices down? Gain insights on the black gold with today's, 1 March WTI Price Technical Forecast. 
How will the oil market situation unfold in the upcoming year? We discuss the five 2018 Oil Market indicators investors should watch.
WTI price is off-highs as it flirts with $66 ahead of US rigs data. Peer into the 2 February WTI Price Fundamental Forecast for more details.
16/04 USDCAD Bears & Oil
16/04 USDCAD Bears & Oil
May 03, 2018
Bears finally broke the 3 month lasted consolidation. USDCAD bears got in action after BOC hawkish view