Latest Oil Price News

Bitcoin price rose with a bullish opening gap today during the Asian session. Bitcoin to continue higher towards $10,000 amid COVID-19 volatility?
Oil remains below $25 area and the Bulls may push higher today. Oil is currently struggling to sustain the Bullish momentum after the price bounced from $20
OPEC and Saudi Arabia are discussing the issues of re-balancing the supply and demand for oil. Are there any reasons for the oil traders to worry?
Oil bear market: EIA data in focus
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Oil bear market tendency comes, as the US dollar strengthened after Fed policymakers' comments increase the rate hike expectations in the financial markets.
The International Energy Agency believes oil markets will take the time to rebalance. As oil drops on IEA report, what is the next year forecast?
Will OPEC disappoint the oil markets?
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Global supply in oil markets could go up in the near future, as the decision about the freeze output deal remains uncertain.
Oil prices have been headed higher before the Friday session, as oil markets expecting the OPEC meeting next week. Why is Oil dropping?
USD/CAD do the bears join the playground?
May 03, 2018
With the oil in retracement after the news of offline oil rigs in the U.S and Canada the loonie fallows the same path as the oil. USD/CAD might continue as no alpha bulls are...
OPEC meeting in Algeria this week triggered the oil prices to rebound. The meeting is expected to bring the solution regarding the oil output freeze deal.