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The 1979 oil crisis & the Iranian revolution
Jun 27, 2019
The 1979 oil crisis & the Iranian revolution were events that shook and changed the course of geopolitics, global power balance and the oil markets.
Oil prices rally to more than 1 percent higher after significant losses last week, as OPEC oil output cut promise was announced today.
China and India, Asia’s two power houses have been exploiting the oil glut situation to rewrite some long-established rules of business. Combined, these two
Ahead of the weekly oil data, oil prices steadied. Yet, on the drop of the US Crude oil inventories data, Brent crude and WTI took a hit.
Largest US oil producer decided to sell $5 billion to $8 billion in North American natural gas assets, as a part of its agenda for 2017.
Outages from other countries like Libya and Canada have helped reduce the oil glut.Therefore sending oil price higher on the Nigeria oil production shortage
However, in the World bank oil forecast regarding the black gold, the bank has raised crude oil's price forecast for this year to $43 a barrel from $41 per
How Trump can help rebalance the oil market?
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Experts believe that Donald Trump can help rebalance the oil market by canceling the US-Iran nuclear deal. Is this scenario possible?
Oil prices dipped sharply towards the closing hours of trading yesterday to end the day lower after the oil supply glut reduction drove prices higher. The
Will Oil prices rebound last? Currently, that is the hot question being raised and discussed by oil market analysts all around the globe.