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Friday 12 May UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas with G7 finance and central bankers meeting today . USA CPI and Retail Sales data releases today. USD bullish?
Expectation from ADP Non-Farm Employment Change
Forex trading tips for today with PMI data from UK, USA, BoC Gov Poloz speaking and Employment data from New Zealand. Bearish GBP? USD Bullish? CAD? NZD?
Friday 7 April UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas - BoE Gov Carney speaks today, as world focus turns to US missile attack on Syria, USD bullish on NFP data?
Weekly COT analysis for Majors
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
This week’s Scotiabank’s report outlines the fall of USD longs. Finalizing the report, the major bank added weekly COT analysis for majors. See now the...
9 December UOB Forex Trade ideas after a eventful day yesterday with ECB keeping rates at the same level? Continued EUR downside pressure?
Learn from today's, 25 April UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas.  French and UK election main drivers for both EUR and GBP.  EUR range bound for now?