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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed a decision on the three proposals of the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on August 12.
BAKKT starts testing Bitcoin Futures
Jul 23, 2019
Aman Sonewane
Yesterday was the official launch date of Bakkt's highly anticipated Bitcoin Futures. The event will give high hopes to many Bitcoin & Crypto investors as it could be the start of the next bull run from this stage.
NYSE files for listing Bitcoin ETF and T-Bill-backed fund. The exchange’s application for a Bitcoin-backed ETF was recently delayed by the SEC.
Why were Bakkt Bitcoin Futures delayed? Unamed sources have revealed the reason as the crypto trading platform seek obtaining a license from another regulator.
After thorough consideration of the two Bitcoin ETF applications, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to delay its decision.
NYSE to end stop order execution types
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
As the NYSE to end stop order, it will also stop a type of order called "good-till-canceled" that remain active until an investor decides to cancel it or...