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The New York Stock Exchange is closing trading floors and moving to fully electronic trading next week after two people tested positive for coronavirus.
Bitwise crypto asset management company has withdrawn its Bitcoin ETF Proposal from the SEC. Why did Bitwise withdraw its Bitcoin ETF proposal from the SEC?
Credit Suisse failed to address nearly 50,000 alerts from FINRA for potential manipulative trading for a period of four years.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reviews its judgment to reject the Bitcoin ETF proposal from Bitwise Asset Management and NYSE Arca.
The US SEC has received a new Bitcoin ETF proposal, this time it's from a gold Fund veterean.  The ETF would focus on stocks and options if approved. 
SEC rejects Bitwise Bitcoin ETF proposal
Oct 10, 2019
Aman Sonewane
The US SEC once again proved the unwillingness for Bitcoin ETFs by rejecting Bitwise Asset Management company's ETF proposal.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has further delayed its decision for the proposed Bitcoin ETF, which was proposed by Wilshire Phoenix.
Bitwise, a cryptocurrency funds, and index provider has engaged BNY Mellon to act as an administrator and transfer agent in a Bitcoin-linked ETF.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed a decision on the three proposals of the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on August 12.
BAKKT starts testing Bitcoin Futures
Jul 23, 2019
Aman Sonewane
Yesterday was the official launch date of Bakkt's highly anticipated Bitcoin Futures. The event will give high hopes to many Bitcoin & Crypto investors as it could be the start of the next bull run from this stage.