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GBPUSD continues to rise ahead of Inflation Report Hearings with a bullish Pound and a weak Dollar
10/04/15 GBPUSD plunged towards 1.47
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
GBPUSD plunged towards 1.47 yesterday with candles now finding support at Fibonacci Retracement -10.0%, just above the support price at 1.4691
Cable continues to fall ahead of U.K Second Estimate GDP q/q
GBPUSD is expected to fall with BOE Policy makers dropping call to raise rates and smaller wage growth
GBPUSD starts to form a double bottom formation holding above 1.5 after candles refused to close below 1.5035 yesterday
GBPUSD breached past 1.5150 resistance level
GBPUSD continues to climb ahead of U.S. FOMC Statement. Candles now draw near Fibonacci Retracement 78.6% at 1.5675, which coincides closely with resistance
3rd Nov 2014 GBP/USD Analysis
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane