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Salesforce has been mirroring its larger foe’s moves in an attempt to tap into greater growth opportunities and overtake Microsoft in the professional services space.
A former Microsoft employee, Vladimir Kvashuk has been jailed using Bitcoin mixers to steal and hide about $10 million in BTC.
Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) has warned against new forms of malware targeting Windows users to steal crypto wallets' sensitive data.
The best tech stocks to invest after COVID-19 include giant technology companies like Amazon, Apple, AMD, Microsoft, and Alibaba.
Microsoft has issued a warning that many hospitals in the US are at risk of being attacked by bitcoin ransomware right now, amid the coronavirus.
The coronavirus, which originated in China, has infected more than 982,951 people. Learn how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting the United States economy.
Microsoft and blockchain gaming firm Enjin have unveiled a novel tokenized rewards program based on Ethereum, Azure Heroes.
Looking for companies accepting bitcoin as payment? Here is a complete list of retailers accepting this borderless and innovative payment network.
Dow Jones index romps higher, leaps 371 points
Aug 09, 2019
Microsoft Excel adds Bitcoin symbol as a currency option to its Excel spreadsheet program in its latest update. This was according to rumors which started on Reddit.