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Mark Carney, one of the most prominent central bankers of the post-financial crisis era, has joined the board of directors at Stripe.
After the decrease in value of pound and US Dollar, Mark Carney, who is governor in Bank of England says the next reserve could be digital.
Those with an interest in the British Pound will be watching the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. What can we expect to happen on GPB? Analysts at ADS Securities provide a sneak peek on what to expect from today’s 22 May British Pound Trading Outlook.
BoE Carney plans stricter UK cryptocurrency exchanges regulation. Mr. Carney has stated that he thinks that a more rigorous regulation framework is necessary in order to limit the illegal use of cryptocurrencies.
27th Oct 2014 GBP/USD Analysis
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
GBPUSD starts to form an inversed head and shoulder pattern with candles finding support at 1.5044
GBPUSD finds support at Fibonacci Expansion 127.2% at 1.4723 where we may see a correction in prices after last week's plunge below 1.5
GBPUSD pushed sharply lower despite surging to 1.5500.
GBPUSD turned lower, breaking below 1.5700. GBPUSD has broken below the 200.00% Fibonacci Retracement level as a period of consolidation amid the looming...