Latest Libra News

Just a week after Facebook rebranded Libra to Diem, the company is facing a lawsuit from a London-based fintech startup with the same name.
Facebook's long-awaited controversial stablecoin, Libra, developed in the United States may launch in January 2021 at the earliest.
Financial leaders from the G7 will oppose the launch of Facebook's Libra stablecoin until it is properly regulated, according to a report. 
Facebook announced Tuesday it’s renaming and rebranding its digital wallet from Calibra to Novi. Though the name and look have changed, the mission hasn't.
After diving deep into Facebook's Libra project, Binance Research discovered that the proposed concept could change the face of the payments industry.
The social media giant Facebook is planning to recruit up to 50 people in Ireland by the end of this year for its Libra project.
BoE Governor says Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value
Mar 05, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Andrew Bailey, the next BoE Governor, said Bitcoin had no intrinsic value. He added that those who invest in digital assets should be prepared to lose all.
A fake libra initial coin offering (ICO) has appeared on Twitter. The scammers claim that investing 0.1 ETH would yield 300 million in tokens.
Japan might be the latest nation in line planning to launch its own cryptocurrency. The move comes after China's announcement of digital yuan.
The Facebook crypto project, Libra, has lost another one of its backers with Vodafone announcing its decision to quit the Libra Association.