Latest Libra Association News

The independent organization that runs the Libra Association has rebranded to Diem Association in anticipation of the 2021 launch.
Blockchain Capital, a venture capital firm with deep expertise in blockchain, joins the Libra Association as the newest governing member., a London-based payments processing platform, has joined the Libra Association to support Facebook’s ambitious digital currency project.
The Libra Association is now considering offering stable coins. A congresswoman said she would continue to work to make Facebook’s Libra a security.
Facebook Makes Changes to Libra Crypto Project
Mar 05, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Facebook is making changes to the Libra Project. The company will start supporting existing fiat currencies alongside the Libra token when it launches.
Tagomi puts its support behind Facebook's Libra' Cryptocurrency. Tagomi will have to contribute at least 10 million dollars in the Libra reserve.
The Bank of Canada said that it has no plans to issue digital currency at this time. But preparations are underway to build the capacity to do.
Shopify, the Canada-based e-commerce giant, said Friday that it is joining the Libra Association, , following the departure of some members.
EU can't regulate facebook's Libra due to a lack of information on the project. The Commission sent the Libra association a series of questions.
What is Facebook Libra Coin? The Introduction of this cryptocurrency will open the path for future adoption of other digital currency.