Latest Lawsuit News

CFTC has filed a lawsuit against four individuals affiliated with the "Global Trading Club" for soliciting customers' money with a bitcoin investment scam. 
ICOBox SEC Lawsuit Update - No Opposition Filed
Jan 30, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
According to the latest ICOBox SEC Lawsuit Update, ICOBox has not filed nor served any opposition or other response to the SEC's motion yet.
Unexpected turn of events for the Kleiman & Craig Wright Bitcoin case. Wright won't need to forfeit 50% of its Bitcoins, but he's not yet off the hook.
Malta Regulator Warns about Fake Bitcoin Future
Oct 31, 2019
MD Rockybul Hasan
MFSA has taken notice of an entity called Bitcoin Future. This entity appears to have the same misleading features as another entity, Bitcoin Revolution.
Craig Wright lost in court and has been ordered by the judge to pay billions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency to the Kleiman estate.
The High Court of England and Wales has dismissed a libel lawsuit against Roger Ver, which Craig Wright had filed earlier for lack of evidence as the court
NY Attorney General claims Bitfinex used Tether funds to cover $850 mln loss which hit the market strongly. USDt USD parity got broken, Bitcoin dropped below $5400
The leading global payments and technology company, MasterCard to pay £19 billion for the lawsuit over the interchange fees.