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Over 100,000 clients are expected to the eligible for compensation from the JSA as Alpari UK clients to be compensated by UK's compensation scheme.
Back in August 2015, the JSA initiated the process of making a first interim Alpari UK unsecured creditor dividend payment. This was to be made to the .....
The special administrators have released an update of the effect in regards of concerning issues. As Alpari begins clamp-down on negative balance accounts..
KPMG has put out a report with the intention to alert the public about the fraudulent scheme going by the name “Alpari UK China support Team”.
The step taken as Alpari UK KPMG appoints debt collector agent is understandable, considering the difficulty in recovering such negative balances. In the
KPMG update on Alpari UK clients
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
KPMG, the appointed special administrator has issued an update on Alpari UK clients, in regard to the status of customer's access to the claims portal. According to the numbers still...
In today’s FSCS update on claims processing of Alpari UK clients, the UK compensation fund reassured the ill-fated clients of the progress.
After the SNB event 2015 took place, Alpari UK clients lost a significant amount of their funds. Today, Alpari UK administrator barred to distribute funds.