Latest Japan News

A group of Japanese companies has said it will develop and test a private digital yen that would work alongside cash in 2021.
Japanese brokerage firm DMM FX confirms a data leak that has affected some of its customers who participated in the demo trading campaigns.
The Cardano Foundation has today issued a communique on a suspicious company in Japan that, is claiming contact with the foundation.
Coincheck suffered a data breach that may have leaked users’ emails and personal information, including date of birth and phone number.
 The Japan Finance Minister Taro Aso has said that he is not ready to reduce crypto tax rate in Japan to a flat 20 percent.
Japanese crypto scammers impersonate Olympic Committee members in Tokyo and solicit Bitcoin donations from unwary victims.
BitMex, one of the world’s biggest crypto derivatives exchanges, is executing the new regulation orders and closing its services to all Japanese traders.
The Japan STO Association announced that it had issued new regulatory guidelines to protect customer assets and privacy, take effect on 1 May, 2020
USDJPY bears regained momentum and pushed the price below 107.80 area. Will USDJPY current bearish trend reach at 105.00?
In light of the current coronavirus health concerns, the Bitcoin Cash community in Japan has eventually agreed to hold meetups virtually.