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Gold has been quite volatile and indecisive over the week. Gold failed to hold its safe-haven reputation and fell below $1700 area with a daily close.
St. Louis Fed President James Bullard addresses Fed US Macroeconomic Outlook 2017. Will US dollar stay strong amid the escalation in geopolitical tensions?
The driving factor of the dollar rally
The driving factor of the dollar rally
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
The driving factor for the dollar rally? The increasing prospect of a rate hike to come in April after yet another Federal Reserve official talked up the
Fed June rate hike chances slide, with policymakers questioning the necessity of the raise. What are the odds we will see Fed decision to tighten policy?
In today's speech in New York, the president and CEO of Fed bank St. Louis, James Bullard expects another rate hike soon. Joining the view of Lockhart and
According to the chief market strategist at Wells Capital Management, the current trend looks more like a "bunny market." That is unlike an enthusiastic
More and more policy makers seem to be joining the band wagon of further rate hike path pessimism. Dennis Lockhart, President of the Atlanta Fed, clarified
Today, James Bullard provided his analysis of the two different forecasts, the U.S central bank's on narrowing monetary policy with FOMC Slow Normalization
Fed policymakers on Thursday have expressed their opinion about the issue of the rate hike. They believe there should be no rate hike Post Brexit.
2016 Fed single rate hike is still on, according to the Fed St. Louis President James Bullard. He believes the US will remain in low-interest rate regime.