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The Moscow Exchange (MOEX) experienced some technical glitches, resulting in the suspension of trading activities on currencies and precious metals for over an hour.
Indian Central Bank adjusts trading limits allowed without an underlying exposure for the dollar/rupee pair, which has been increased to $15 million per exchange from $10 million earlier.
HBSC’s barrage of issues continue
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
Shares in Europe’s biggest bank by assets, were down nearly 6% in afternoon trading in London on Monday as HBSC’s barrage of issues continue.
Moscow exchange announced the postponing of its new trading platform release, Spectra platform, a new proprietary trading platform version. As result of additional checks being run.
According to CNBC report, March wasn’t a very good month for some big name hedge funds. Since the rally in the US stock market stalled and investors worried more about the strong dollar's impact on U.S. corporations' earnings.
The move will certainly be of mutual benefit to both RBC and EBS, as EBS direct adds Royal Bank of Canada as liquidity provider. Increasing their clients access to a wider range of market depth.
Barclays accused of deceiving shareholders
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
Another recent report shows that Barclays is being accused of “deceiving shareholders” by declaring that a particular executive would be dismissed, but in reality it was not the case.
The industry standards get tougher, with no room for mistakes. Such is this particular case, as Merrill Lynch lynches adviser for breaking the rules.
In regard to the ongoing internal investigation into the Bank’s FX operations, RBS continues internal cleansing as it is reported to have suspended additional two currency traders in London.
Seemingly US banks are set for another shock, as the results announced showed all 31 banks passed the first portion of the test — displaying that they are adequately capitalised in terms of reserves.