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Why is Gold Not Surging?
Nov 20, 2020
Why is Gold not surging? The simple answer is that Gold is not finding buyers because there are no signs of inflationary pressures. 
According to recent statistics, after the Muir Glacier hard fork, Ethereum block time has decreased by 25%, from 17 seconds to 12.96 seconds.
Deutsche Bank analyst Jim Reid has published a new study entitled "Imagine 2030". In the study, he describes crypto will replace fiat currency by 2030.
Ethereum developers have agreed to postpone the difficulty bomb, increasing inflation while most coins are trying to reduce it.
EURUSD Fundamental Analysis Ahead of German CPI
Nov 28, 2019
MD Rockybul Hasan
Here is the EURUSD Fundamental Analysis of 28 November, 2019. A break down will probably remain elusive if the German CPI exceeds expectations.
The Fundamentals of Inflation
Sep 05, 2018
11/12/2014 XAUUSD back on the rise
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
It is not the Quantitative Easing right now the ECB is following, but Greek developments and possible Greek spills to other troublesome European countries
Despite earlier bullish attempts, GBPUSD fell rapidly as the inflation report announced showed that the UK economy drops back into deflation. At the moment