Latest Hong Kong News

Crypto industry concern mounts ahead of the likely introduction of a bill to ban retail investors from cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong’s SFC says it issues restriction notices to 5 brokers, prohibiting them from dealing with certain assets held in 12 trading accounts.
Hong Kong police have arrested 3 men in connection with a Bitcoin ATMs scam. The authorities believe that the men are part of a larger group.
HKEX (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing) has launched new batch for futures contracts based on the MSCI Asia and Emerging Markets Index.
SFC has released its annual report 2019-20. According to the report, SFC imposed fines totalling $479 Million during 2019-20 for intermediary misconduct.
With approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Arrano Capital is set to launch Hong Kong's first regulated Bitcoin fund.
The Hong Kong authorities adopt FATF crypto regulations style-recommended anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) compliances.
Bitspark, a bankless money transfer solution utilizing blockchain technology, will be shutting down in a month, despite reporting positive results.
The Corona virus affects Financial Organizations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is taking precautionary measures to curb the Corona virus spread.
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has fined RHB Securities Hong Kong HKD 6.4 million for failing to comply with regulatory requirements.