Latest Hack News

Hackers have stolen XSN coins worth $45,000 from an alleged cold wallet of Cryptopia exchange, which is in the process of being liquidated.
US prosecutors has filed charges against three North Korean hackers, accusing them of hacking into hundreds of companies, including crypto firms.
DeFi protocol CREAM Finance has been hacked. As a result, the price for the CREAM dropped by around 40% in less than a few minutes.
A preliminary report from a UN inquiry suggests North Korea is using the proceeds from crypto exchange hacks to funds its weapons programs.
KuCoin has reported that the exchange's insurance funds have covered the remaining losses of crypto assets stolen in 2020 hack attack.
Australia's regulator, ASIC has suffered a cyber attack on a server it used to transfer files including credit licence applications.
Over 161,400 users of ‘BuyUCoin’, a cryptocurrency exchange based in India, have reportedly been the victims of a personal data breach.
Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Cover has been hacked. As a result of the exploit, the price of the cover token plunged. 
Exmo, a cryptocurrency exchange that has recently been hacked, has announced the date to resume deposit and withdraw funds.
Crypto exchange Exmo has lost 5% of its total assets in a hack attack. Exchange representatives, however, assured of coverage of all losses.