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There is much pressure on the Fed and BoJ this week. Get more insights for the new trading week with AtoZ Markets' Forex Weekly Fundamental Forecast.
GBPUSD hits weekly low as a result of negative PMI data. Meanwhile, the conservatives maintain early leads in the UK election polls.
GBPUSD retests support level ahead of Wednesday's FOMC minutes. Will the bullish run from 1.196 continue? Check this Elliott wave analysis
GBPUSD hit 2-weeks high after starting the week with a bullish gap amid Brexit optimism. The price has now broken out of a 2-weeks corrective channel.
GBPUSD spiked upside toward 1.29 as Fed Chair testifies. The following also includes the GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis November 14 update.
Pound Sterling had its biggest hourly move since October 24. The following GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis November 11 update looks at what could happen next.
The Cable has continued quiet due to lack of volatility. The following GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis November 6 update looks at the technical side.
Brexit effect is pending for the Pound
Oct 21, 2019
Aman Sonewane
Here is the GBPUSD fundamental analysis for 21 October after parliament rushes through the deal of Brexit, which may force to leave the EU on October 31.
Pound Sterling is being heavily driven by Brexit headlines. The following GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis October 17 updates share some technical insights.
GBPUSD surrenders below 1.27 this week as negotiations end today ahead of Thursday's EU summit. The following analysis include GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis.