Latest FX Manipulation News

UBS, Switzerland's banking giant has entered an agreement with institutional investors and some pension funds to pay $135 million in FX manipulation case.
Barclays PLC and Citigroup Inc. are facing an estimate settlement of a sky high $800 million for the alleged FX manipulation cases.
Singapore authorities clamp-down on market manipulators. The MAS assigned powers include the ability to seize items, search premises, and to order financial institutions to closely monitor customer accounts.
BNY Mellon seals FX lawsuit with its offenders for a final sum of $714 million, after yesterday's announcement of the bank to nearing a substantial settlement.
It has been reported that other banks like J.P. Morgan Chase & Co and UBS have also agreed to settle with the same investors over the FX manipulation case.
Global code of conduct for FX trading
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
Global code of conduct for FX trading has become necessary as the FX market remains largely exposed to much misconduct, evident several FX rate manipulation
Over the FCA supervision of benchmarks, the watchdog has expressed concerns about the unconstrained ability of these administrators to set prices fair for..
Investigations are ongoing on the FX manipulation as the case heats up. After many months of ongoing investigation and negotiation, Five major banks have...
Although, the investigation into the FX manipulation case is still at an infant stage, share prices of ICAP dropped 1 percent after the news was made a ...