Latest Fraud News

San Francisco resident Jerry Ji Guo was sentenced to six months in prison for $20 million cryptocurrency fraud.
The US regulator SEC has accused Stefan Qin, the founder of hedge fund Virgil Capital which specializes in crypto arbitrage, of fraud.
Texas regulator, TSSB on Tuesday ordered TradeGo Forex Exchange to shut down due to alleged involvement in investment fraud and extortion.
A former Microsoft employee, Vladimir Kvashuk has been jailed using Bitcoin mixers to steal and hide about $10 million in BTC.
Is Brokermasters Ltd scam or reliable? CONSOB has issued a notice to block 5 websites that offer financial services illegally in Italy.
Some Robinhood users had their accounts hacked and investments liquidated, according to Bloomberg. However, the company itself wasn’t hacked.
Two Canadians sentenced to federal prison for bitcoin fraud. They were sentenced to two years in federal prison and three years of supervised release.
Law Enforcement Agencies in Belgium, France and Israel arrest International Crypto Investment Fraudsters who defrauded around € 6 million ($ 6.62 million).
Mark Karpeles seeks judgment in his favour to the Mt. Gox class action suit brought by a former Mt. Gox customer. Will the appeal be approved?
US Authority arrested three men in connection with a $ 722 million BitClub crypto mining pool fraud that amounted to a "high-tech Ponzi scheme."