Latest Forward Guidance News

GBPUSD starts to form an inversed head and shoulder pattern with candles finding support at 1.5044
Cable advances after the release of FOMC Statement with Janet Yellen commenting that interest rates would not be raised in the short to medium term
GBPUSD continues to rise after reaching a low of 1.5087 with high volatility expected due to U.K Parliamentary Elections later in the day
GBPUSD remains supported at the 200 EMA observed on the daily chart ahead of U.K Manufacturing Production m/m
GBPUSD finds resistance below the support line of the previous trend channel as traders await the release of U.K CPI y/y
Cable rose against the Dollar after last Friday's release of U.S Non-Farm Employment Change data with candles looking to find resistance at 1.5000
25/05 GBPUSD fell after U.S Core CPI
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
GBPUSD fell after U.S Core CPI performed better than expected pushing prices below 1.55