Latest Forex Manipulation News

FCA fines broker Tullett Prebon £15.4m over the conduct of its brokers & failed to be open and co-operative with a regulatory investigation.
the FCA published on its website a warning, in which it said that CWG Markets forex broker are a clone of another FCA-regulated firm, “to try to
stepping up as the first of these major banks, JPMorgan reaches final settlement with the US regulators. After, the lawyers of the bank filled a letter in a
FX market regulation tops worries
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
As regards the FX market regulation, the Financial Stability Board, an international body vested with the responsibility of monitoring the financial system
The Bank is being accused of selling a trading system called “V10 enhanced FX carry strategy” which has caused huge losses to a client, Walter Michaelson leading to UBS facing new lawsuit.
CFTC most profitable year
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
CFTC most profitable year consist out of the issuance of five orders in the FX manipulation case with charges settled against Citibank NA (Citibank), HSBC &
FX probe results in fat Pay-cheques, as Travers Smith and Lord Grabiner were paid a settled sum of £2.2 million for their contribution in a high profile case.
Barclays seeks to kill three birds with one stone, as it is in negotiating for a settlement of about £1bn with the three regulators, DFA, FCA and CFTC.
US accuses Korea of Currency manipulation
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
The Korean authorities have denied accusation from the US Treasury, claiming Korea of currency manipulation with deliberate intervention in the foreign exchange markets in a bid to artificially devalue the currency.
As ASIC provides update on Aussie spike, it is becoming unlikely that the irregular movement experienced is as a result of market manipulation. According to...