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mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, has recently expressed his explicit support to digital assets, hinting that Cryptocurrency protects global economy.
Millennials Say “YES” to Cryptocurrency
Millennials Say “YES” to Cryptocurrency
Nov 13, 2018
Maya Mandzikasvili
EU 2018 FinTech action plan will encourage all the EU nations and the technology providers in Europe to increase the "regulatory and supervisory capacity and knowledge" around new technologies. 
The cryptocurrency exchange Binance moves to Malta. What led to the company's move to the Mediterranean? Find out what Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao has to say about the move. Also, is the recent warning of the Japanese FSA true or false? 
FCA SFC Fintech co-operation agreement came into force just three days ago. The key financial regulators strive to promote development in Fintech sector.
Now New Finance Recruitment company accepts Bitcoin payments! They must have been inspired to accept this currency based on its uniqueness and advantages.
As the FSA panel of experts encourage FinTech startups, the first panel meeting towards this development will be held in May. In attendance will be various
No Brexit Impact on London Fintech industry
No Brexit Impact on London Fintech industry
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
London still is being named the world's fintech capital, as London Fintech industry leaves behind all of the European tech hubs.
The UK fintech crown is about to be taken over, as the Chinese firms' performance is developing at a greater pace than the performance of those in the UK.