Latest FINMA News

Swiss financial regulator FINMA announced that it began enforcement proceedings against Credit Suisse over two bank executives' surveillance.
Swiss Federal Council plans to launch a new fund category for qualified investors to make Switzerland more attractive as a fund domicile.
FINMA grants OSIF and OSFIN the first authorizations as supervisory bodies which will be responsible for monitoring asset managers and trustees.
The Libra Association is now considering offering stable coins. A congresswoman said she would continue to work to make Facebook’s Libra a security.
FINMA has published the main conclusions of its 2019 annual report. In it, the regulator revealed a violation of the AML law in more than ten ICOs.
In its latest attempt to safeguard the financial services markets' participants in Switzerland, Swiss Regulator FINMA warns against fake regulator IFCOMM. What do we know about this entity?
Swiss regulator FINMA issues ICO regulation guidelines with a vision that these guidelines will help Blockchain technology to enter Swiss markets. What is included in the FINMA's ICO rules?