Latest Fed Rate Hike News

Will the Fed Hike Rate Again?
Nov 05, 2018
Ben Bernanke thinks US monetary policy "is reaching its limits." Although, he agrees the Federal Reserve has not yet run out of responses to a potential
Should you expect July Fed rate hike? Gold analysis
May 03, 2018
SuperTradingOnline AFX
FOMC will meet today for 2-day conference to decide US interest rate. Should you expect July Fed rate hike? See this Fed outlook and technical Gold analysis
Will Fed Brainard speech jolt the USD?
May 03, 2018
Ahead the FOMC meeting of next week, the last commentary comes from Fed governor Brainard. Will Fed Brainard speech hint on a Fed rate hike?
The FOMC meeting is held this week but the markets are not largely concentrated on it. Why are Traders ignoring December Fed rate increase?
BNP Paribas Fed rate hike outlook: Top forecaster sees Fed hiking rates every quarter of 2018. How central bank's monetary decisions will affect bullion?
FOMC Day Major Forex Pairs Outlook
May 03, 2018
Market players are awaiting the news from the Fed. Ahead of the FOMC rate decision, we look into this FOMC Day Major Forex Pairs Outlook from Swissquote.
FOMC summary, Historic rate hike
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
FOMC has finally raised the federal funds rate by 25bp to a target range of 25 – 50bp and providing its economic outlook. The following is a FOMC summary