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EURUSD pair has been trading in bullish mode for the past few days. The pair is holding above 1.10 level. Here is the EURUSD fundamental outlook for today.
USD sell-off is now lifting EURUSD to fresh monthly highs beyond the critical barrier at 1.10 level. Here is the EURUSD fundamental outlook for 10 October
The significant 1.10 level capped EURUSD three times in the past few days. Look how the US-Sino trade talks have an impact on EURUSD currency pair.
EURUSD pair is trading alongside an uptrend support line since the beginning of the month. Here is the EURUSD outlook after German factory orders dropped.
The US Dollar took a sharp turn after weak US manufacturing data which concerns about slowing economic growth.
EURUSD breaks two-year lows as Q4 begins
Oct 01, 2019
Aman Sonewane
EURUSD breaks to new 2-year lows to 1.0880/75 band earlier in the session as the investors’ sentiment sour.
Euro price dropped yesterday after it failed to break back above 1.13. Will EURUSD weaken further towards 1.1220? Gain insight into the following analysis.
Crude oil price declines sharply after the EIA released weekly inventory data. The numbers showed that the inventories rose by 6.7 million barrels.
The US dollar index gains slightly even as investors placed their bets that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates two times this year.
The financial market was caught off-guard by a Trump tweet that warned of additional tariffs on Chinese goods.