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Catalan Government announced its plans to build a decentralized ID system which gives its citizens control over their data while meeting EU guidelines. 
OECD’s chief economist is urging Europe to loosen austerity policies and measures and to increase public expenditure to stimulate economic growth.
ASIC warns forex brokers to avoid offering CFDs to their clients which are based in China and Europe to keep away from overseas intervention measures.
Blockchain technology continues to conquer the European market of innovations and financing from the local investors continues to grow. According to the IDC report, Europe blockchain investments in 2019 will reach more than $ 800 million.
An analyst has suggested that the US economy is in a better position to benefit from higher oil prices. How do higher oil prices benefit the US over Europe? What is his thesis for reaching that conclusion? Let us see!
Europe has turned more cautious as recent more sluggish data does not cooperate with the end of QE narrative, hence this is likely to be reflected in upcoming data releases. For more market insights, you can read HotForex's 14 May Weekly Fundamentals outlook.
Market Moving Fundamental Events
Market Moving Fundamental Events
May 03, 2018
The BoJ left policy unchanged but sounded cautiously optimistic on inflation. A study of the 23 January Market Moving Fundamental Events reveals other developments affecting the market.
The latest remarks coming from the European Central Bank officials indicate that there is no need for Europe Cryptocurrency regulation as of now. The Chair of the Supervisory Board at ECB added that ECB - regulated banks have low involvement with the market.
Volatility had mostly expired under the boot of the Federal Reserve QE policy stance and that of its central banking brethren. Read more about these upcoming events from HotForex on the 12-16 February Weekly Forex Market Forecast.