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Ethereum rose today morning during the Asian session against the U.S. Dollar. Ethereum broke above $400 psychological level. 
Ethereum has become volatile but still holding the bullish bias. Ethereum sustains bullish pressure above $330 psychological area.
Ethereum failed to sustain the bullish pressure above $360 area and declined. Ethreum bears strike back as the price found resistance.
Ethereum divede below $330 event level and had a daily impulsive close. Ethereum sustains bearish pressure after rejecting $390 key area.
Ethereum has become impulsive and non-volatile after bouncing from $360 key support. Ethereum holds the bullish momentum above $380 area.
Ethereum has become impulsive and aggressively broke above $450 level with a bullish gap. Ethereum bulls strike higher.
Ethereum has become volatile & returned to range of $395 to $360. However, will ETH price break above $395 level to continue bullish trend?
Ethereum has become impulsive and broke above $400 psychological area. Will Ethereum bullish trend sustain towards $500 key resistance.
Will Ethereum Break Above $350 Key Resistance?
Jul 31, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Ethereum bullish trend has become impulsive and broke above $285 event level. Will Ethreum break above $350 key resistance area?
Ethereum has become volatile and consolidating inside the ranges of $220 to $250 from an extended period. Ethereum bullish trend to sustain further?