Latest Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis News

Will price drop back below $400 or rally above $520 soon? The following analysis is based on 6 December Ethereum Elliott wave analysis.
Ethereum broke above the last all-time high at $520. What are the next price levels to look for based on 12 December Ethereum Elliott wave analysis. 
Ethereum dropped 30% after a 115% strong rally. Will the dip continue? Where is the next price to buy based on our 22 December Ethereum price prediction
Ethereum has made more than 50% recovery after losing $300 in just 5 days. Will the dip continue as suggested by 26 December Ethereum price prediction?
Ethereum soars breaks $1000: what next?
May 03, 2018
Sanmi Adeagbo
Ethereum soars breaks $1000 for the very first time in the early hours on Thursday. What should we expect next for the third largest Cryptocurrency?
Is Ethereum in a corrective stage? When should we expect the rally to resume? 12-15 January Ethereum price prediction has useful clues.
Will price rally $1200 before the dip continues or the bullish trend will be consolidated and price breaks upside? 25-27 January Ethereum price prediction looks at ETHUSD price forecast.
The following is the new Ethereum (ETHUSD) market forecast based on 15 November Ethereum Elliott wave analysis aiming above $350.
Ethereum has gained 33% since last week.What should we expect next week based on  20 November weekly Ethereum Elliott wave analysis.
27 November Ethereum Elliott wave forecast
May 03, 2018
Sanmi Adeagbo
Ethereum rallied above the previous $420 and could make a new all-time high above $500 based on 27 November Ethereum Elliott wave forecast.