Latest ECB Monetary Policy News

EURUSD correcting ahead of ECB Meeting is an indication of strong trend counter in the process. As per Bearish trend, the price failed to continue momentum
The EURUSD pair was volatile in the previous week, but bulls failed to defend the earlier gains and the single currency reversed on Friday.
EURGBP Slips Back Below 0.89
Sep 11, 2018
Markets are on wait for the ECB decision regarding the monetary policy mix. Watch at 13:30 pm BST the live ECB press conference in the video below.
Mario Draghi comments that the recovery of Euro area depends on the monetary easing. Does it mean the ECB monetary policy remains unchanged?
In its speech, Mario Draghi stated that the Eurozone's recovery was dependent on the monetary easing. What are the EU risks influencing ECB monetary policy?
The ECB warns investors of higher interest rates, while asking governments to take precautions. Will the ECB's monetary policy stance remain in tact?
The European central bank is set to decide when and how to exit the QE program. Market participants are largely concerned about 2017 ECB QE decision. Why?