Latest ECB Meeting News

January ECB meeting outlook: The markets have high expectations in relation to the ECB’s interest rates decision. Markets are seeing 17.5% of a rate hike.
Obviously, the ECB is currently in “wait-and-see” mode. At today’s ECB press conference, one of the key highlights was Mario Draghi Brexit warning.
Prepare with our January ECB meeting expectations, which provides vital insights that traders have to know ahead the meeting.
The ECB is about to announce the next policy direction today. As euro rises ahead ECB meeting, some of the experts say it will not impact the currency much.
Although, inflation reached 2%, major banks expect the ECB to maintain its pacifist stance at the meeting tomorrow. Check the March ECB meeting preview.
ECB meeting is approaching and it did not leave markets untouched. Gold price rises on weak USD, as investors are anticipating the result of the gathering.
Today promises to be another big day with the European central bank meeting as the high point on the daily Forex news and trade opportunities list.
Four things to watch for at the ECB meeting
May 03, 2018
Polina Zelikova
Ahead of today's ECB meeting, here are the four things to watch for at the ECB meeting. Will the European Central Bank extend its QE program or not?
ECB non-monetary meeting EURUSD trading
May 03, 2018
ADS Securities
ECB non-monetary meeting EURUSD trading promises to bring some positive movements for the Euro pair, according to the analysts at ADS Securities.
October ECB meeting is taking place tomorrow, as investors globally are concerned about the outcome of the meeting: What will the bank decide?