Latest ECB Meeting News

The EUR started the week on the back foot. How will the Euro behave for the rest of the week? Find out in this October ECB meeting Euro Trading Outlook.
ECB QE Plan – Devil is in the Detail
May 03, 2018
ECB QE Plan and two main questions dazzling traders’ mind upon: “Will the European Central Bank buy the bonds?” & “If the vote will be unanimous or split?”
The Governing Council will decide on further agenda for bond-buying program this week.Considering the "No" result, what is Italian Referendum impact on ECB?
Market moving fundamental events
May 03, 2018
All eyes are on the ECB meeting. What will appear as major market movers? Find out with this 26 October Market moving fundamental events analysis.
When will the Fed raise rates?
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
With all the factors considered, we wonder When will the Fed raise rates? Yellen's speech on Friday will be another good indicator to get more clues.
The EURUSD moves will rely on the decisions of the two major central banks. What are the December Fed rate hike expectations along with ECB's QE prospects?
Traders can expect the data-packed day. What will appear as major market movers? Find out with this 26 October Must Watch Daily Forex Events summary.
Danske Bank expect no fuss from ECB meeting
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
Danske Bank foresees a relatively calm projection on this week’s ECB meeting, with an expectation of a very limited financial market impact. Plus, the Greece
World Stock markets boost ahead ECB meeting
May 03, 2018
Amandeep Sonewane
The ECB meeting approaches and investors are anxiously awaiting Draghi's key conclusions. Meanwhile, world Stock markets boost on Trump's rally.
Today, the main event is obviously the ECB meeting. It is high time to look into this 26 October ECB meeting Market expectations analysis from Swissquote.