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Joe Biden wins US presidential election to become the 46th president of the United States after four tumultuous years of Trump presidency.
The 2020 U.S. presidential election is around the corner. But how will it influence policy on crypto asset industry over the next four years?
Donald Trump’s campaign website was hacked on Tuesday afternoon. The hack appeared to be a cryptocurrency scam intended to collect Monero.
There’s a definite storm brewing in global markets, & these final few weeks leading up to the U.S. election will reveal the kind of storm.
President Trump said early Friday morning that he and the first lady Melania have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).
The Economics Of The US 2020 Elections
Aug 05, 2020
Dzianis Kučynski
The US 2020 election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3. How will the economy react to a presidential switch or another win by Trump?
President Trump is piling pressure on Fed chair Jerome Powell to go further - taking interest rates below zero and weakening the US Dollar.
The United States national debt has just crossed the $25 trillion threshold amid the fast-spreading Coronavirus pandemic.
Oil price rose today during the Asian session by holding previous sessions gains. Oil surged above $16 as U.S. found place to store there Oil
Bitcoin price rose with a bullish opening gap today during the Asian session. Bitcoin to continue higher towards $10,000 amid COVID-19 volatility?