Latest DOJ News

The DoJ filed its antitrust complaint in federal court on Thursday to stop Visa's $5.3 billion acquisition of bank data sharing startup Plaid.
The US DOJ has seized $24 million in cryptocurrencies from accounts belonging to a crime cartel after a request from the Brazilian government.
A civil lawsuit against BitMEX officials alleges that they looted over $440 million after receiving information about the ongoing investigations.
The DoJ has released a publication with a comprehensive view of a new threat associated with terrorist organizations using cryptocurrencies.
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has stepped down, following CTFC charges of money laundering and illegally operating an unlicensed exchange.
The SEC has charged John McAfee for promoting ICOs. Meanwhile, McAfee has been arrested in a Spanish airport on allegations of tax evasion.
The U.S. government seeks to seize 280 crypto accounts allegedly used by North Korean hackers who stole millions of dollars in crypto.
The US Department of Justice (DoJ) said it seized $2 million from more than 300 cryptocurrency accounts from terrorists.
The U.S. Justice Department has indicted two Chinese nationals for their role in laundering stolen cryptocurrency tied to a crypto exchange hack.
Gold price rises slightly today as traders cheered the new wave of consolidation in the gold-mining sector.