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The Dow lost 173 points after a 3-day rally to end at 25962 on Tuesday as price failed to extend the rally above the resistance at 26215.
The Dow dropped 1.48% on Monday afternoon as investors brace for the US-China trade war to deal more damage to the global economy.
Dow Jones index romps higher, leaps 371 points
Aug 09, 2019
Dow Jones analysis - Has the index bottomed?
Aug 07, 2019
The Dow recovers slightly higher to end at 26029 on Tuesday. Has the price of the index bottomed in its wider bullish trend?
Dow Jones index slumps after Donald Trump announced new tariffs on Chinese goods worth more than $300 billion. 
The Dow index plunged over 500 points Wednesday afternoon before following comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.
Dow Jones ended 0.09% lower at 27198 on Tuesday. The index failed to trade above 27250 and slumped to an intraday low of 27035 before reversing its losses.