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DeFi Project Furucombo Hacked for $15 Million
Mar 01, 2021
Shulammite Edheri
Furucombo's decentralized protocol and token exchange service suffered a hack that resulted in the theft of over $15 million.
What is Uniswap? This article explores what Uniswap is, how it works—and how it became one of the leading decentralized exchanges. 
Top 10 DeFi Coins in 2021
Feb 20, 2021
Find the top 10 DeFi coins in 2021 which are the most promising in the cryptocurrency space, according to AtoZ Markets analyst.
DeFi protocol CREAM Finance has been hacked. As a result, the price for the CREAM dropped by around 40% in less than a few minutes.
Grayscale Investments, the largest cryptocurrency asset manager applied for a trust on the DeFi tokens Yearn Finance and SushiSwap.
Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis estimates that about $34 million of decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions were conducted by criminals.
DeFi Origin protocol will begin accepting compensation claims from users affected by a $7 million hack that occurred back in November 2020.
Ethereum price will rise eight times from current levels to $10,500. This optimistic view is shared by Fundstrat Global Advisors strategist David Greider.
There are very few crypto concepts that are as potent as decentralized finance at the moment. This financial order possesses unique monetary dynamics that let participants distribute value and money seamlessly and fairly.
New projects continue to emerge all the time, bringing new possibilities as the DeFi sector matures, such as LID Protocol, which provides locked liquidity.