Latest DDoS News

The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) website has gone offline for about three consecutive days due to cyber-attack and trading suspended.
Binance has announced a DDoS attack on its Chinese domains. Binance's CEO confirmed the news today after several hours of rumors about the event.
Cybersecurity company, Qrator Labs revealed that crypto exchange traffic in Russia increased by about 5.56% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork is Live Now
Dec 09, 2019
MD Rockybul Hasan
Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork is live now with six Ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs). The network conducted the Istanbul fork to block number 9,069,000.
With Binance website currently being inaccessible, many investors go into panic mode. However, the CEO of Binance has assured the users that no data was lost. As Binance Reports DDoS Attack, user also can enjoy two weeks of lowered trading fees.
Fortunately enough, the liability caused by the Dukascopy platform outage event has not been anything alarming and the company is back up and running.
EXNESS DDoS attack disrupts traders
May 03, 2018
EXNESS DDoS attack disrupted the traders' experience, however the retail forex broker announced that no personal data and funds of its clients were affected
Exness DDoS attack update to partners
May 03, 2018
Last Wednesday, Exness sent out a client statement clarifying that it was attacked DDoS. Now two days later, an Exness DDoS attack update to its partners
10 Steps to take if you are hacked
May 03, 2018
Polina Zelikova
Cyber attacks on firms have increased. Most firms panic and don't take measure after such a breach. Are you aware of the 10 steps to take if you are hacked?
A major DDoS attack on Dyn's servers was reported, affecting the major websites like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Airbnb and more. What measures has Dyn taken?