Latest Crypto Wallet News

Beware! Fake Trezor Wallet App has cropped up on Google Play as Bitcoin prices rise, ESET researchers have found. How can you stay safe?
Analysts from the blockchain company CoinFirm, reported that Cryptopia hackers started to move $16 million stolen funds to several wallets.
Samsung Electronics announced its plans to expand the application of blockchain and cryptocurrency functions to the budget Galaxy phones.
How to make a paper bitcoin wallet
Apr 23, 2019
Maya Mandz
Crypto holders tend to search for the alternative ways of storing their private keys. Certain crypto owners turn to a paper bitcoin wallet usage.
How to open a Monero wallet
Mar 25, 2019
Sanmi Adeagbo
Here is our guide on different types of Monero wallets. How to open Monero wallet on desktop, web and mobile to transfer and receive Monero coin.
Digitec Galaxus, the biggest Swiss online retailer, and the US electronics provider Avnet will start accepting Bitcoin payments.
There are already 5 different blockchain phones on the market for sale. Yet, what is a blockchain phone? Read our guide and see if they are fit for you.