Latest Crypto Exchanges News

Zeply, a leading European Crypto Exchange is making it easy for crypto enthusiasts to be in the front & center in the evolution of currency.
The government of India is considering blocking the IP addresses of cryptocurrency exchanges and companies associated with digital assets.
South Korean crypto exchanges that don't take extensive data collection and identity verification measures could be subject to heavy fines. 
South Korean bitcoin exchange Bithumb has introduced new restrictions as part of its anti-money laundering (AML) policy.
A preliminary report from a UN inquiry suggests North Korea is using the proceeds from crypto exchange hacks to funds its weapons programs.
Crypto exchange Exmo has lost 5% of its total assets in a hack attack. Exchange representatives, however, assured of coverage of all losses.
Another crypto exchange, CEO Global has suspended accepting deposits and withdrawing funds following the arrest of the main founder.
The central bank of Kyrgyzstan will now require all crypto exchanges operating in the country to be regulated. Investor protection and preventing money laundering are particular concerns.
Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) will require all cryptocurrency exchanges operating in its jurisdiction to be regulated.
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has seized the crypto exchange Coinbit for inflating trading volumes, a practice known as wash trading.