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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is fully committed to the OPEC+ deal on oil production cuts during June to restore oil prices, according to UAE Energy Minister.
Crude oil prices came under pressure on Monday as reports show that OPEC and Russia were closer to a deal on extending oil cuts further into 2020.
oil is facing resistance at $21.50 per barrel, which indicates that the price may correct lower before proceeding further upside.
Oil has been impressive and consistent with bullish momentum leading it higher after the fall. Oil is currently struggling to break above $20 per barrel
The Bank of China asks the Chicago-based CME to find out the reason for the unprecedented downfall of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the US crude benchmark.
Oil Price Dropped Below Zero: Good or Bad?
Apr 22, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Oil price drop below zero for the first time since futures trading started in 1982. The oil price crash might be good for retailers but bad for producers.
Bitcoin price fell 4.30 percent as US oil futures slipped below zero for the first time. Has the crash deterred bulls from the market?
Oil Breaks below the $31.50 area and it may continue to Decline Further. The price of Oil failed to sustain above $35 area
The recent capitulation in the oil market has come due to three factors, which have also created a perfect environment for oil sellers.
Oil price pushed lower and may sustain further. After an extended period of correction phase, Oil rejected $48 area and pushed down quite impulsively.