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Oil has become indecisive and faced a strong resistance around $41 area. Oil volatility increased as the global demand declined.
Oil has become volatile and currently trying to retrace downward. Can Oil Sustain Bullish Momentum Above $40 area?
Oil has become impulsive and non-volatile as Hurricane hits U.S. output. Oil surges higher as US inventory decline significantly.
Oil volatility increased but still remaining above the dynamic level. Oil to break above event-level $43.50 area in the coming days? 
Oil price has become indecisive and facing strong resistance around $43 area. Oil extremely volatile below $43 psychological level.
Crude oil price has broken above $42.50 psychological resistance level. What is next? Today’s WTI Technical Analysis reveals.
Oil has become volatile but still maintain the price above $40 support area. Oil surge higher on the indication of recovery in demand.
Oil Price Dropped as US Built Bigger Inventory
Jul 22, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Oil broke above $41.50 area with an impulsive bullish close yesterday on the New York session. Why Oil price dropped as the U.S build bigger inventory?
Oil bullish trend is still intact but the volatility increased extremely. Oil strikes above $40 psychological area. Can recover further?
Oil has become volatile and corrective but still remaining above $40 area. Oil price dropped today as investors hope OPEC will extend supply cut.