Latest Crude Oil Price News

Bitcoin and oil prices are spiking as demand for safe-haven assets grows due to escalating US-Iran Tensions. US President Donald ordered an airstrike.
Crude oil price has been on the back foot since July but has recently found some traction and bulls are stepping in to protect the $55 handle.
Crude oil price rose sharply to a high of 61.18 after the US eased on trade. This was the highest level it has been since August 5. 
Crude oil price broke its Asian upside consolidation phase in Europe and reached fresh 5-day highs at 55.28 before reversing sharply.
Crude oil price fell slightly on Wednesday, below $60 a barrel because of increasing trade tensions between China and the United States.
Crude oil price plunges today after Iran announced that it had captured another vessel in the Persian Gulf.
Crude oil price surges during yesterday’s session and continues to do so this morning, adding more than 1.62% to its value as it broke above the $57 level. 
In today's crude oil price forecast, WTI extends the consolidation theme between $56.00 a barrel and 57.00 resistance.
Crude oil price rises sharply to a high of $62.80 after the US Navy shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz.
Crude oil price edges a bit higher to $59.5
Jul 16, 2019
Crude oil price gets the expected support from the $59.28 level, edges a bit higher to $59.5.during today’s early session.