Latest Credit Suisse Securities News

Israel-based broker, Plus500 has repurchased even more of its ordinary shares as the company continues to execute its share buyback program.
Plus500 has repurchased 34,000 of its own shares in line with the terms of the share buyback program announced in August.
Plus500 announced that it had repurchased 33,000 of its own ordinary shares through Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited.
Plus500 Ltd announced plans to buyback US$67.3 million of its shares. The program is scheduled to run until February 28, 2021.
Credit Suisse Equities Australia Limited (CSEAL) paid a penalty of $75,000 for violating trading rules of on-market buy-backs, according to the ASIC.
Credit Suisse failed to address nearly 50,000 alerts from FINRA for potential manipulative trading for a period of four years.
The FCA has warned against a clone firm, Credit Suisse Securities which claims to be an authorized firm but scams potential victims in the UK.