Latest Coronavirus Outbreak News

There is a significant increase in FX promotions in Russia from unregulated brokers. The regulator warn the investor to avoid unregulated brokers.
List Of Best stocks to Invest after Covid-19
Apr 17, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
The best stocks to invest after COVIT-19 includes cruise company stocks that have much potential compared to the other sectors.
Live Australia Coronavirus Economic Impact News
Apr 10, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Australia appears to be getting on top of coronavirus with strict social distancing measures. But what is the economic impact of the virus on the country?
A group of Dutch companies launched the "Tech against Corona" project so that they can be used to fight the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).
After a massive fall from $10500 area, BTC Bulls failed to regain the momentum. Will Bitcoin Sustain Bullish Trend Above $6500 area?
During the current Coronavirus crisis, EURUSD has seen significantly volatile recently. EURUSD found resistance at 1.1050, while raising certain questions. 
Though S&P 500 recovered almost 38% of total drawdown, till the day. S&p 500 Bulls sustain above $2500 -will continue further?
EURUSD consolidating near 1.0820 area may Bullish pressure sustain higher. It became volatile and corrective after the price bounced from 1.0640.
Gold Bulls regained momentum and currently pushing the price above $1550 area. After the price bounced from $1480, XAU became impulsive and non-volatile
Bitcoin false break above $6500 area indicates that Bears are still in control. Bitcoin still struggling to gain Bullish momentum.