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Oil bullish trend is still intact but the volatility increased extremely. Oil strikes above $40 psychological area. Can recover further?
Gold impulsive bullish trend reached at nine years high and gained almost 600 pips in a row. Gold broke above $1800 key resistance area.
Will Gold Break Above $1800 Key Resistance Area?
Jul 08, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Gold has become impulsive and non-volatile and reached near nine years high. Gold to break above $1800 key resistance area?
Oil broke above $40 psychological level and reached around $40.50 area. Can Oil ever reach $45 resistance area in this pandemic?
Gold has become non-volatile and impulsive and broke above $1765 area. Gold climbed higher towards the eight years level.
Oil has become quite impulsive and non-volatile and broke above January's high. Oil strikes above $40 area as demands are rising.
Gold has become volatile and corrective while residing inside the ranges of $1750 to $1700 area. Gold sustains above $1700 area as COVID-19 hit China again.
Gold price consolidating inside the ranges of $1750 to $1700 area from an extended period. Gold strike higher as the protest flame out all over the U.S.
Gold has become non-volatile and impulsive after bouncing from $1700 area. Gold may break above the psychological level $1750 area.
Gold has recently become quite volatile and broke below $1750 after giving a bullish fake-out. XAUUSD failed to break above $1750 as of COVID-19 concerns