Latest Clone Firm News

The FCA has warned against a cloned firm, Atlasfx which claims to be an authorized firm but scams potential victims in the UK.
UK FCA has added Cryptenix, trading name of Finplex Group LTD, to its warning List for offering financial services in the UK without authorization.
FCA has added several new unregulated and clone companies to its warning list, including Bonds Today and COFINANCIAL.
The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a clone firm warning Capital International Management. Fraudsters use a clone of authorized EEA firm.
The UK regulator has revealed a new clone firm. Which details UK FCA Gain Capital Ltd warning provides on the fraudulent entity?
FCA warns against cloned Forex website FX Jupiter. There is one more addition to the list of FCA unauthorized firms. What do we know?
In the never-ending battle of FCA against clone firms, the UK regulator has unmasks a Verrazzano Capital UK clone firm, under the exact same business name.
Following the London Global Markets clone FCA warning, I decided to understand the logic behind these scams and how one can protect himself from fraudsters.
In perseverance of outplaying malpractices in the Forex industry, FCA to add two Clone firms and a Fraud to the never-ending list of individuals and unauthorised firms.
Following the footsteps of global regulators in cracking down on fake FX brokers, UK FCA clone firm warning is the latest move by the UK financial watchdog.