Latest China News

China is planning to sell confiscated cryptocurrencies worth $4.2 billion in its crackdown against the PlusToken pyriamid scheme.
Chinese authorities have prosecuted 6 members of the PlusToken ponzi scheme. The alleged scam ran for over a year and pocketed $5.8 billion.
DeFi searches on WeChat is surging in China. However, as users continue to withdraw crypto to engage in yield farming, exchanges quickly lose liquidity.
Chinese law enforcement discovered an illegal Bitcoin mining operation that was being operated under multiple underground burial sites.
Popular Bitcoin proponent and educator Andreas Antonopoulos believe that the current drops in oil prices will benefit some Bitcoin miners.
The local government authorities in the Chinese province Sichuan are seeking to ban Bitcoin mining operations in the region.
This week, market participants look to the monthly jobs report from the US economy. What else can traders expect? Today’s forex market outlook reveals. 
Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway could reportedly test Chinese digital yuan. The trials could take place in the city of Xiong’an New Area
Malaysian police have arrested 14 Chinese nationals for an alleged crypto scam targeting investors in their home country.
The second phase of China's digital currency public beta will begin in May, with state employees receiving the digital Yuan as part of their salaries.