Latest CFTC News

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A civil lawsuit against BitMEX officials alleges that they looted over $440 million after receiving information about the ongoing investigations.
CFTC has released a new crypto advisory to futures commission merchants, clarifying how to hold digital currencies in segregated accounts.
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has stepped down, following CTFC charges of money laundering and illegally operating an unlicensed exchange.
The CFTC Thursday filed money-laundering and other civil charges against BitMEX, for operating illegally in the United States. 
The CFTC has announced that it has fined registered futures commission merchant Gain Capital Group, LLC, $300,000 for supervision violations.
CFTC has fined JPMorgan Chase a record $920 million over its role in the alleged spoofing and global markets manipulation.
US CFTC has announced settling charges against three registered brokers, EOX Holdings LLC, Futures International LLC, and OTC Europe LLP.
CFTC has filed a lawsuit against four individuals affiliated with the "Global Trading Club" for soliciting customers' money with a bitcoin investment scam. 
The CFTC has taken legal action against Highrise Advantage & other entities for involving in a fraudulent project in the Forex market.