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US regulator CFTC fines the South Korean based firm Daewoo Securities Ltd for spoof trading in the futures traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).
British Bitcoin Scammer Evades The CFTC
British Bitcoin Scammer Evades The CFTC
Jan 08, 2020
Samson Ononeme
British citizen Benjamin Reynolds, ex-director of the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme Control-Finance, has evaded the CFTC following initial legal action against him.
The US SEC has imposed more than $ 60 million in fines and penalties on three US-based binary options traders. Why does SEC fine binary option marketers?
The plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit accusing Tether affiliated exchange Bitfinex of Bitcoin price manipulation have declined to amend their complaint.
The United States CFTC received almost 40% more regulatory penalties and payments in fiscal 2019. But the total enforcement actions decreased. plans to set up a $ 200 million Bitcoin Cash investment fund next year. The fund aims to increase the adoption rate of bitcoin cash (BCH).
CFTC Charges Tower Research Capital with spoofing and the firm has agreed to pay a combined $67.4 million in criminal monetary penalties.
Tassat is now planning to issue Bitcoin derivative after acquiring a swap execution facility (SEF) registration from the CFTC.
Binary Options Scam is spreading Into the crypto world. Each case of wider integration with traditional finance is a reason for celebration.
CFTC Fines Denari Capital and its Owners with fraudulently soliciting more than $8.3 million from at least 28 participants.